Insertable Fixing

With the objective of providing an integral service in the metal sector at RNSinox we offer the service of inserts placement. For this we have in our facilities Haeger press for the installation of the insertable attachments PEM®.

This fully hydraulic machine provides reliability and energy efficiency in each process. Its precise stop system, allows an easy adjustment and high precision on the press stroke at the insertion point.

The placement of inserts in the metal parts in many cases allows productive and assembly improvements especially when many metal parts are integrated.

The inserting press allows us to fix different types of PEM inserts and integrate very variable and specific characteristics in each of them, generating technical and assembly solutions for very diverse sectors.

Our extensive experience allows us to carry out a work of differentiation in

  • insertable bolts, insertable nuts, insertable columns, insertable captive screws, insertable micro fixations, and insertable and weldable fixings for printed circuit boards.
  • Materials: Stainless steel, steel and galvanized.

  • Cylinder capacity: combination of 1 to 6 mm thicknesses