Laser Welding

At RNSinox we have a laser welding service for parts and assemblies in stainless steel and other metals.

This type of welding does not require reworking, provides strength and resistance and presents little deformation, all of which provides speed and efficiency in the processes. The finishes are impeccable. It can be applied to both small, localized welds and large, Deep welds.

laser welding

Laser welding uses a very powerful and concentrated light – laser beam – so it only heats the metal in the area where the light hits. For this reason, it ensures very fine beads, with great depth and penetration, practically without projections and without excess input, which saves a lot of time in polishing, resulting in a firm and deep weld without overheating the material and, as Consequently, much less deformation of the materials is obtained, especially in those with little thickness.

Among the advantages of this type of metal welding we find greater speed in the process and simplicity of operation, which provides maximum efficiency and speeds up production.

At RNSinox we have the best laser welding machinery prepared for:

  • linear welds, with or without contribution,
  • sheets with thicknesses between 0.5mm and 5mm,
  • materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium, among others.

Laser welding is highly recommended for sectors such as healthcare whose parts require great precision.

If you are a metal product manufacturer and need welding for your metal parts, at RNSinox we also offer laser welding service, TIG welding service, MIG welding and resistance welding.

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