Resistance Welding

At RNSinox we perform resistance welding with metals within our 360 Metal Transformation Service.

resistance welding

This type of metal welding consists of a thermoelectric process that uses heat and pressure as the main factors to achieve the unión between them. Metals are heated to their melting point by passing a high intensity electric current through them while pressure is exerted on the electrodes placed at the junction points.

When performing an optimal welding of this type, both the time and the material and the welding power must be taken into account, all aspects that directly influence the process. For very thick metal parts it is not recommended due to its high current requirement.

It is a safe and very fast welding method which makes it ideal for mass production of metal parts. It provides reliable joints and the process is ecological and clean (it does not require consumables or any type of materials).

Resistance welding is indicated in the production and repair of metal parts in industries such as:

automobile industry, naval industry, railway industry, aeronautical industry, electrical industry, bodywork manufacturing, construction and renewable energies among others.

If you are a metal product manufacturer and need welding for your metal parts, at RNSinox we also offer resistance welding service, TIG welding service, MIG welding and fiber laser welding.

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