Surface Treatment

Surface treatments in RNSinox.

En RNSinox ofrecemos servicio de tratamiento de superficies metálicas, concretamente, lijado, pulido de metal, esmerilado de metal y recubrimiento, de todos los productos que realizamos. With this treatment, we increase the added value of the product with excellent quality in the finishing of the metal parts.

What is the treatment of metal surfaces?

  • Sanding: ultra-fine treatment process that favours the application of other treatments, preparing the part for its finish.
  • Polishing: A procedure specially indicated in precision finishing with the best result.
  • Grinding: A procedure that allows us to guarantee the similarity between samples regardless of the initial state and their treatment.
  • Recubrimientos: Proceso protector de la pieza que perfecciona el acabado.

As a company specialized in metal transformation, our strong point is series production, both small series and high-volume series, so surface treatment is a key element in our daily life.

We have the most appropriate tools for each treatment.

To guarantee maximum quality results, we continually test the methodology, procedures and metal parts.

Discover all of our services (including our Technical Office) for the mass production of metal parts. We offer a comprehensive 360 ​​service in fine industrial boilermaking.

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