CNC Folding

Folding of metals a forming process widely used in Metal Transformation processes

Through which a plastic deformation is made to mould around a certain angle to a sheet.

We have CNC folding machines that guarantee a wide productive capacity able to ensure very demanding tolerances and precisions. With a length of up to 4m long, we can fold any type of part either unique or in series.

The precision, the finish and the speed of the service, combined with an optimal economic price are our identity signs.

Conducting CNC folding involves putting pressure on the flat metal plate, which results in the different angles in which we can bend.

In RNSinox we analyze the procedure to obtain the most efficient and fast solution reaching the final result of folding more suitable according to the needs of the client and the project to develop.

For that purpose we have a highly qualified human team, with a wide experience and a machinary that allows us to put our technology and knowledge at the service of any company, always looking for excellence and quality in the product.

  • Capacities: Sheet Format Maximum plate 4000 1500 mm.

  • Materials: Stainless steel, steel and galvanized.