Sand blasting and shot blasting of metals

What is sandblasting and shot blasting of metals?

Los servicios de chorreado de arena y granallado de metales son procesos de transformación metálica que se realizan por impacto. They are usually applied, as a final finish, to stainless steel metal structures.

The process consists of treating surfaces by spraying small particles with compressed air.

Sand blasting and shot blasting of metals at RNSinox.

At RNSinox, we use abrasives and grit sprayed by compressed air for cleaning and preparing metal surfaces. Through the blasting and shot blasting service, we obtain a clean surface, prepared for subsequent treatments such as welding.

However, we also use this type of services to give a special final finish to the metal piece. The pressure exerted generates an abrasion that allows all impurities to be removed from the surfaces, such as surface oxides, lamination particles or any incrustation in the metal.

This process is used in practically all industries that carry out metal transformation work: aeronautics, automobile, construction, foundry, naval, railway…

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