Sheet metal bending and sheet metal rolling

What does sheet metal bending and sheet metal rolling consist of?

El servicio de curvado y cilindrado de chapa es un proceso de fabricación cuyo objetivo es buscar la curvatura de perfiles metálicos y chapas. Este trabajo se realiza con suma precisión y cuidado para mantener la integridad de la pieza y obtener un óptimo resultado.

At RNSinox, We have specific machinery and highly qualified personnel to carry out maintenance work.cylinder capacity, so much about thin sheet, like in round tubes and profiles.

Our machinery produces the necessary and precise force to deform metal parts without generating tension or bending until curvature is achieved.

There are numerous metal products that require this metallic transformation. Our experience of almost six decades allows us to guarantee the quality of our steel and stainless steel bending and turning service.

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