CNC Punching

cnc metal punching

Among the services that RNSinox offers for the metal transformation of steel and stainless steel is the computerized numerical control punching or CNC metal punching.

What is CNC metal punching?

The CNC metal punching service consists of a cutting and shaping operation using a mechanical device made up of two tools: punch and die. The application of a compression force forces the punch to penetrate the metal sheet, creating an initial deformation followed by cutting the material according to the specification of the need for each use.

These cuts in metal pieces can range from basic shapes such as squares and circles to complex combinations of shapes.

To provide the best service, at RNSinox we have a wide variety of punches which allow a wide field of action to satisfy customer needs.


  • Capacidad de Chapa: máximo 3000×1500
  • Thickness Stainless Steel Sheet: Max 2mm
  • Steel Sheet Thickness: Max 3mm
  • Thickness Plate: Max 5mm

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